Reflexology and Relaxation Massage 


 Relax, Reset, Repeat - Recipe for Wellbeing 

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Relaxation Massage  
​30 min - $45          Residents:    $35
60 min - $80​                             $65

Relaxation is the key – take one hour out of your busy life, close your eyes and let go of the cares, stresses, worries and problems. The only item on your “to do” list for this hour is relax and let your body and mind align.

Reflexology - Zone Therapy
30 min - $45           Residents: $35​​
60 min - $80​                           $65

Widely acknowledged as one of the best treatments to restore health and harmony, this treatment works on multiple levels to boost energy flow throughout your entire body and mind. Reflexology can reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, reduce toxicity and boost your immune system.

Senior Massage
30 min - $45​​           Residents: $35
60 min - $80​                           $65

Never underestimate the importance of touch for health and wellbeing.  Stimulates your skin, nerve receptors, circulation and releases feel good substances in the brain.  Some of the many benefits of regular relaxation massage. Tailor made to how you are now and what you want on the day, relax and reset.

#Best of Both Worlds Treatment
60 min - $80​          Residents: $65

By far the most requested treatment and it is a pleasure to give.  Combining body massage to address the areas of muscle tension and reflexology to balance the whole body and mind, clients are transported into deep relaxation.  Most popular treatment in 2019 so far! 


Introduction to Massage &  Reflexology for Couples

I have been training practitioners for many years and occassionally I get asked to teach basic massage techniques to couples and friends so they can work with eachother at home. 

If you would like to learn, and have a partner to join you, send me your details and a brief message with your details via the contact page.  

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(all students must be 18+)