The Body Philosophy is my happy place.  I am grateful that this is true. It is so rewarding to work with a team of loving and dedicated healthcare professionals who are passionate about what they do, love to share their knowledge and above all are dedicated to their clients. The Body Philosophy continues to grow.


So,  "What are we here for?"  

I qualified as a Reflexologist in 1994 followed quickly by Massage and teaching qualifications and I have been in practice ever since.  It is a  great journey. I moved from London UK to Adelaide in 2008 with my family and founded The Body Philosophy in 2010. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with organisations that allowed me to develop my passion to work with others towards their greatest good.


I am grateful for the privilege of working with BUPA UK as head of Complementary Therapies, Farmacia, Marks and Spencer Canons Health Clubs, and Living Choice Australia to name a few, developing business and client based well-being projects. 


I love sharing knowledge and developing others and I am proud to have been a teacher for the Massage Training Institute, the East London School of Reflexology and at the Heather Langton Academy in Adelaide. 

But nothing compares to the satisfaction of working with clients in my practice, and developing new multi disciplinary spaces and services with organisations that have the wellbeing of their clients and staff at heart.  The Body Philosophy consultancy is a results based development service bringing professional allied healthcare practitioners and organisations together.  Getting clarity around personal and professional goals, connecting health, wellbeing and community with 5 star facilities in the public and private sector. 

Recently, The Body Philosophy had the opportunity to create a team of Allied Healthcare Practitioners in a Wellness Centre setting. We have worked together, collaborating and developing new services for our clients.  Working together, learning from each other, to work better for our clients.  It's been wonderful to see progress with successful cross referrals and developing services to address our clients needs

In the continuous cycle of being made, unmade and remade all things grow and develop. Cultivating good habits, strategies and systems, strengthen your ability to realise and adapt to the changes we make for the better.


Think with clarity about what you want to achieve. 

Do what is necessary to achieve your goals.  

Create  life's incredible journey. 

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